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In today’s world of deception, there is an immense need for reliable private investigator companies like FactFinders. Who has solved thousands of complex and tricky mishaps with their capabilities? Moreover, the staff is ready to investigate any challenging situation to calm the help seeker. Well, their strong interpersonal skills and power to access various resources deliver unmatchable outcomes. We are a single registered and licensed detective company in Pakistan. Of course, with the latest tools of this sector and determination to resolve mysteries, polish their outputs.

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FactFinders, Islamabad, is a highly trusted, experienced, and Government of Pakistan-registered Private eye facility. The professionals are concerned about satisfying the client and making their availability 24/7. The people hire us because we work discreetly and reliably. All the staff members have comprehensive expertise and a decade of experience handling investigations. Contact our specialist for knowledgeable and quick assistance if you indulge in criminal and civilian misfortune. Contact +92 321 6345555 or to avail highly skilled and professional private detective in Islamabad. Our services are available 24/7/365 days.

Private Detective in Islamabad

We are a reliable inquiry detector company with ethical and hardworking professionals who deliver their best all over Pakistan. FactFinders is the most trustworthy and economical investigation service to satisfy clients in settling their concerns. Our experts value the confidentiality of the matters and work in complete security and privacy. Tracking eye service is new in our country, and we are receiving excellent feedback. The intelligence industry is dynamic and needs extraordinary skills and competency to handle the diverse nature of cases. The experts are experienced in resolving a wide range of spotting facts services. Our way of work differs from others, and we are devoted to conscientiously providing factual information to the help seeker. The team members are from different legislative and law enforcement sectors. They are highly qualified and rigorously trained to resolve tricky and dangerous situations. We are Government f Pakistan-registered company for our jurisdiction and competency. The investigations may be of personal or corporate scenarios. The gathered details are delivered honestly without any tampering. After consultation with the customer, a legal agreement is signed before taking any case.

Pakistan’s Best Private Eye

FactFinders is the most competent intelligence agency specializing in detective tasks of diverse origins. We deliver personal and business private investigation services and reliable solutions to worried clients. A dedicated team of inquiry agents, investigators, and researchers work duly in Pakistan and United Kingdom. We are specialists in providing private eye service, inquiries for corporations, confidential verifications, legal consultancy, and criminal gumshoe provisions. Our experts are available 24/7 in every corner and region of Pakistan.

Committed Services

We deliver outstanding services with optimal results. FactFinders are the pioneer of private investigator provisions in Pakistan. Our central building pillar is to provide expert detective service for various happenings. The professionals are highly competent and skilled with the required needs and demands of the intelligence field. We continuously update the knowledge and technological advancement for authentic outcomes.

Valuable Analytical Skills

The hired staff are well trained to the expertise required to work as PIs. They are Government of Pakistan registered personnel to gather the facts and are vigilant in data compilation effectively. Professionals have years of experience in law enforcement and legal agencies. They lay out a plan for the act after consultation with the client. Their keen observation and polished analytical skills help to reach the actual situations.

Fastest Outcomes

Time is essential for everyone, and we value each second. FactFinders’ main priority is to deliver the best in the quickest span. We understand the concerns and worries of the clients. After receiving the complaint, the dedicated representative responds fastly and has a comprehensive session with them. The members are experienced and skilled in resolving criminal and civilian inquiries.

Economical Services

A detective agency that offers outclass investigation facilities at reasonable prices with ethically proven results. However, we are a trend-setting detective agency in Pakistan with affordable services and good support.

Professional Consultants

We have a team of licensed, holding skilled professionals working on different techniques to help our clients. They are from the legal and crime control department with ample knowledge and experience. FactFinders professionals can collect facts and evidence, interview people, and analyze the data to predict the actual happenings. The experts are vigilant in using database software and gathering recording from relevant institutions.

Guaranteed Confidentiality

Depending upon the nature and severity of the investigation, we provide complete security for the client’s privacy. In some cases, the inquiry offices submit the facts in court on their behalf. The expert understands the complications and concerns of each customer individually and works accordingly.

Successfully Executed Cases

FactFinders is a newbie detective agency but the only licensed company for its legitimacy. In a short period, we have received thousands of investigation complaints. We are an honest and trustworthy private eye service all around Pakistan.

FactFinders Detective Services

In this time of conflicts and social injustice, Factfinders is a highly skilled Private investigation agency equipped with the latest tools and technologies to help clients in their time of need with confidentiality. Our team of experts delivers remarkable services in a budget-friendly manner. The professionals are specialists in sorting personal concerns and assist multinational to local organizations with background screenings. They are adept with local and national laws and act and help to resolve criminal and civilian cases.   

Personal Investigation Services

We help people to come up the tragic personal situations. Clients approach us when they feel miserable handling misshapes at the individual level. The competent members are experienced in sorting out the concerns with confidentially. FactFinders facilitate the public to get to the truth to make future decisions. A government-authorized identity has complete access to private and administrative institutions. The general public is less familiar with legal terms and conditions, and we assist them in criminal and civilian mishaps. 

Matrimonial Investigation Services

The experts understand the sensitivity of these areas of investigation and deliver factual findings after careful examination of the details. We work responsibly to reach the right person in actual situations and assist the worried client in making wise decisions for the future. The inquiry agents thoroughly verify all relevant personal information like age from the NADRA office, academic certificate checking, business details, and criminal clearance from the police station.

Post-Matrimonial Investigation Services

We work to Inclined client satisfaction about the complications in their relationships. The gumshoe personnel collects the suspected individual’s details with proof of evidence. To help people to get their future secure. We track the phone call records from concerned departments and deliver the video recordings of the pointed partner as a solid signal.

Divorce Investigation Services

The divorce case verifications services are our core area of work, and FactFinders promises to deliver accurate proofs timely. To strengthen the file case of divorce in the court, we provide tangible assets of the spouse, behavioral attributes, or any cheating records to show the legal authorities. To get child custody in such a case, we collect positive glues to show you the rightful.

Cheating Spouse Investigations

The officials best provide clues and facts to verify the unfaithful partner. This intelligence area is susceptible and needs extraordinary skills to obtain accurate information with complete security and privacy. We conduct surveillance investigations against suspected persons. The professionals keep a keen eye on the partner’s activities and collect supportive evidence.

Following Mysterious Persons

Clear customers’ doubts by performing surveillance and shadowing investigation services with skilled and trained personnel. They are equipped with the latest techniques and gears to get accurate findings. The suspected person is shadowed by tracking software or physically followed to monitor daily activities. Professionals compiled the surveillance reports for the help seeker.

Missing Person Tracking

We help people in tracking missing elderly persons and lost children. The specialists are skilled in using innovative technologies like CCTV footage and GIS tracking devices.  Similarly, we assist adopted child cases for orphanage organizations to collect evidence for rightful custodians.  

Corporate Investigation Services

FactFinders individuals are from diverse backgrounds and can deal with business matters competently. The detectors are experts in the finance and marketing sector. They can conduct corporate financial and performance audits, pre-employment screening, and handle fraud cases effectively at the quickest pace. We run business analyses and identify potential risks for new start-ups. Our tracking agency makes the business affairs apprehend from scammers and incompetent hirings. 

Pre-Employment Verification

Before hiring any applicant or during employment, we facilitate the companies to have factual information about the candidates from confirmed resources. NADRA and relevant departments establish the complete credentials of the employee. The screening from the last jobs and checking provided references and character evaluations by law enforcement agencies.

Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement

Companies’ copyrights are protected by tracking hackers and thieves on digital media. Suppose anyone is in doubt that someone is using his company details to sell his products. Others misuse the business logo, website, or other online platforms without taking permission. Sometimes duplicate products are launched in the market.  The experts gathered strong evidence against the illegal activities and stopped them from affecting the client’s revenue losses timely.

Employee Dishonesty Cases

When the clients come up with an employee being involved in a fraud allegation, the professional staff conduct thorough investigations to collect facts that help factual claims. After obtaining records, a comprehensive report is prepared and delivered to the business executives. Based on the findings, they take termination or legal action against them.

Recovery of Vehicles for Banks

We are specialists in handling money recovery cases from debtors. The potential clients are banks and other financing agencies. Sometimes the scammers get the vehicles on debit and only pay a few installments. FactFinders trace the payment defaulters and purses in the court. They send them the legal notice to pay the due amount in a given time.

Restrictions of Private Investigator

To work as a detective agent in Pakistan and any other country, you must get a license according to their criteria. They can help in many situations, but there are some restrictions on their authority. Some powers and actions are beyond the private investigator boundary. It should be clear that inquiry agents are more like an ordinary citizen. They are trained and skilled to collect and compile supportive information but are not eligible to make any decision. Detective personnel helps clients strengthen their court cases or assist in private matters.

Not Law Prosecutors

Private agents are not affiliated with the army, police, FBI, or other law enforcement authorities. They are not assigned any uniform or badge as additional police and federal official wear. PIs have to perform their duties by hiding or disgusting themselves. Detective agents are sometimes allowed to show their identity or wear uniforms. They are not liable to take any decision or challenge against law enforcement agencies.

Assist in Arresting

FactFinders cannot arrest anyone for interrogation or after seeing suspected activity. They must contact the police and provide them with facts about criminal activity. Similarly, the Pakistani citizen can arrest the suspected persons finding any glue to be involved in illegal activity. They can grab the person until the forces come into their custody.

Illegal Phone Tracking

This is a federal crime to trace anyone’s phone call or take any personal recordings unless it is too crucial to get to the truth. They are not allowed to take the tapes published or show them to the clients; only the facts are delivered in reported form. In case of any misuse of resources, they are liable to justify.

Trespassing Private Places

The investigators are not allowed to enter someone’s house or property without taking prior permission. If they cross the limitations, the public can take action like ordinary citizens.

Interfering Personal Mails

It’s come under cybercrime to tamper the emails and other online communication mediums without any consent from the desired person. Similarly, intercepting others’ postal mail is a federal offense.

Need Client Permission

Inquiry officers can take bank statements, criminal records, and other legal documents after taking permission from the client. They are authorized to check any criminal and public records. However, they cannot open any sealed or sensitive cases without consent.

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Anyone can contact us and consult with highly competent professionals with 100% confidentiality of your identity. FactFinders is the most demanding Private detective service in Pakistan which are registered and economical. The experts are on support 24/7 and thoroughly consult the case and lay out the expected action plan. The help seekers are quoted with an estimated cost of proceedings and the required time.

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Are you interested in elevating your personal or organizational investigative journey to the hands of the finest private investigators in Islamabad? Well, you select the right channel. Meet our professionals with years of expertise, state-of-the-art detective tools, and a strong commitment. So please don't go for the ordinary when you can avail of the extraordinary at reasonable charges. Choose FactFinders, the most competent service with remarkable results. Are you looking for skilled private investigation services in Islamabad? FactFinders will be the most suitable detective agency to smooth the fizzy client in legal and civil matters.

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How can a private investigator company assist you with your concerns or issue?

Definitely, the main responsibility of a private detective is to collect valid evidence to clear the picture of any misleading incident. We help you check mysterious behaviors and unfaithfulness in your family life and locate missing loved ones. Similarly, the professionals verify the proposed applicant's and partners' credibility in your business world. Moreover, we provide security assessment, device installations, and mitigation measures for your organization.

How can you contact our professionals from different cities in Pakistan?

Yes, we have multiple offices in different cities in Pakistan for client comfort. Moreover, the staff is available anywhere in the country through the emergency customer service centre. Nowadays, digital availability is of prime importance. The vigilant investigators are ready to offer their services nationwide. So, contact our professional via the website address for further details.

How can you privately talk to our professionals?

Well, to get in touch with us is quite simple and facilitating. Conveniently, you can contact us via the website or call or email anytime. We'll arrange a specialized session to receive and entertain online complaints and queries. The staff takes great care of your privacy protection. You can also visit our head office in prime locations in all major cities.

How can you satisfy yourself that our results are trustworthy?

As an approved and licensed holding agency, we are committed to providing accurate, honest, and unbiased findings. To be accredited with authorities defined standards, the professional must work under their boundaries. So, the authenticity and accuracy of work are our prime importance. Before delivering any information, the experts ensure it is verified and reliable.

How much does it cost to hire a for investigation?

The cost of detective protocol depends on the complexity and diversity of the case. Well, these factors defined the charges of resources used and the time it takes to resolve. Indeed, we offer market-competitive prices with a focus on facilitating innocent people. After taking brief history of the incident, they set some goals with mutual content. Also, the estimated service charges are offered.

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